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Palm oil is the most frequently used by the food industry of the world.

Oil palm, also known as African Palm, is a tropical late-yield crop. Commercial oil palm crops have an average longevity of 24-28 years. Over the course of its lifespan, the palms produce oily fruits from which it is extracted the oil traded by Unibán.


What are the benefits of palm oil?

  • Due to its high saturated fatty acids contents, palm oil is stable, has good preservation and maintains its properties when it is used for frying purposes or in dishes that require high cooking temperatures.
  • It is used in pastry making and the preparation of butter and margarine.
  • Due to its texture, which does not require hydrogenation processes, it is an ideal food industry preduct.
  • It is a good animal fat substitute, which in turn is a less recommended product due to its association to circulatory and metabolic problems.



What is palm oil used for?

During its advanced industrial phase, the oil produced by Uniban is used in edible and non-edible products, such as margarines, frying fat, baking fat, patisserie fat, ice cream fat, soaps, concentrated animal food, edible and emulsifying products, and alcohol produced under high quality standards to keep the freshness of the product.

The company supports the production of oil palm due to its high resistance to the adverse climatic and agronomic conditions of Colombia; it is well-regarded as a product that helps to restitute marginal banana crop soils.

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