The corporate world plays an important social role as generator of wealth and employment, but also as an agent of development in the communities to which it is part of. The current necessities of the market are no longer exclusively concentrated in the production and trading of goods and services, it is showing interest in the development of its business environment and the implementation of good practices of social responsibility at each level of the production chain.

In this sense, C. I. Unibán S.A. envisions its Social Management as the voluntary and explicit commitment of the directors, the banana producers and the team of collaborators towards the expectations and actions set up between the communities and C.I. Unibán S.A.’s Social Foundation to execute projects that have been designed to encourage the sustainable development of the communities and the organization.



Unibán Foundation

The Unibán Social Foundation plays an important role in improving the quality of life and the sustainable development of those involved in the production of banana, their families, and the communities that inhabit the areas of influence of the Company.


1. Training / Education

  • Formal education
  • Non-formal learning
  • Certification in labor competences
  • Civil participation
  • Culture
  • Sports

2. Habitat

  • Housing
  • Community infrastructure
  • Environment

3. Economic Development

  • Encouragement of low-scale production
  • Entrepreneurship Development.


Service catalog

  •  Credit
  •  Formal education: Unibán Institute
  • Group cohesion
  • Prevention of domestic violence
  • Socio-economic development project management


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Unibán Institute

The Unibán Institute is a Catholic private/public division of the Unibán Social Foundation, in charge of the training and education program. It is set in the municipality of Apartadó and encourages a comprehensive development of the human being that takes into consideration the cognitive, spiritual, psychological, social and corporal dimensions, based on the premise of sustainable development at a human scale.



Milestones of the Unibán Foundation

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