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This manufacturing company located in the Mamonal industrial area of the Cartagena Industrial Free Trade Zone, is the most dynamic petrochemical/plastics cluster in Colombia.

Polyban produces plastics used in agriculture, especially in the production of bananas and plantains, for the Colombian, Central American and the Caribbean markets. These markets have been conquered on the strength of a heavy quality policy, efficient customer service and competitive commercial conditions.



Since December 2000, Polyban has steadily kept the international quality standard ISO 9000 certification for the "production and trading of agro industrial plastic supplies". Its compliance with the strict requirements of the European Union has also allowed Polyban to be certified by BRC - British Retail Consortium as a manufacturer of safe food packaging. Additionally, it is included in the SEDEX international platform, which pursues global business ethics.








Polyethylene bags/sheets.

  • Bags and sheets used in the packaging of export bananas
  • Bags printed with up to 8 BRC certified colors.
  • Banana bunches protection bags that can be either treated with pest control (Chlorpyrifos, Bifenthrin and Buprofezin) or untreated.
  • Glove-like bags used in the bunches inner protection.
  • Colored ribbons to identify the age of the bunches
  • Bags used in the packaging of fertilizers, chemicals, flowers and other industrial uses.

Polypropylene strings or ropes.

  • Banana rope
  • Industrial / Hardware / Haymaking string.

Polypropylene straps

  • Banana pallet strapping
  • Industrial strapping.



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