We produce MD2 pineapples, better known as “gold pineapple” or “honey-gold” pineapple.

It is a double-purpose fruit: process and fresh market and have a better worldwide acceptance. The shape of this variety is more symmetrical and uniform.



Why are pineapples good for you?

  • The have a nice scent and good flavor. Its sugars and vitamin C contents is high.
  • It contains vitamin C, B1 B6 and B9 (folic acid), potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and iodine.
  • It has diuretic and detoxifying qualities that encourage the elimination of harmful toxins.
  • Most of the pineapple composition consists of water and fiber.
  • Its poor calorie contents, makes it ideal for dieting.
  • It improves the digestion processes and gets rid of intestinal parasites
  • It has anti-inflammatory qualities.


How to eat a pineapple?

Pineapple is a highly versatile fruit which can be eaten directly or added to juices, smoothies, desserts and salads.



Pineapple production

This is how we produce the Unibán pineapples:


We have the GLOBAL G.A.P. certificate which ensures product safety, environmental protection and health, safety and welfare for the workers.

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